• De Colo

    Called that craziness

  • RNsteve

    Lowry BS rumors need to just stop. Getting abit embarrassing…

  • Thomas A.

    Well, all you can do is be forthright and own up to your mistakes. Good job by Bucher for acknowledging it. There are a few reporters who would just let it slide and claim that what was reported fell apart.

  • cdub

    I think the part where bosh opts out and signs with the raptors should have been a pretty strong hint it was bs…lets forget we are talking about bosh even…when has a move like that happened before, where a team sign and trades a player to one team so another player on that team can opt out and sign with the other team?

    • bruno

      back to a team he once played on no less.

  • asifyouknow

    Well thanks Rick, at least you tried, that is more then I can say for most of Toronto’s main stream media who give their fans nothing…ZERO exclusive information. I assume they just wait on the phone for news so they can print it…lol

    • DDayLewis

      That’s because Masai runs one of the tightest ships in the league. Of course, absence of news sometimes leads reporters to run with pure bullshit (poor Bucher. B/R is disgusting).

      • asifyouknow

        Yea. Im not s big. BR. Fan eather…..I’m not just talking about the free agency stuff, the regular season is no different…..


    Rookie of the year award goes to… Ric Bucher

  • Chewwy No Matthew

    As irresponsible as Bucher was for the report, I give him credit for apologizing.