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Lowry, deemed too much of a distraction just two years ago by the Rockets and sent to Toronto for a first-round pick and Gary Forbes then, is now on the Rockets’ wish list. According to reports, though, a second go-round in Houston is not in the cards for Lowry. The team would require a sign-and-trade to fit him into its complex plans and Raptors’ Masai Ujiri is not about to facilitate that. Ujiri, like the rest of the NBA seems to, covets Lowry and wants him back in Raptors colours. It was Ujiri and his head coach Dwane Casey who were next up in Philadelphia filling in Lowry’s afternoon hours. Waiting in the wings and not yet granted an audience according to a report from Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski were representatives from both the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat. Lowry apparently needed some time to digest the first two visits before any more pitches were made.

Raptors waiting on Lowry after productive meeting | Sportsnet

The Rockets are a curious suitor in that their GM, Daryl Morey, traded Lowry away for what ended up being the 12th pick the 2013 draft in part because Lowry and Rockets head coach Kevin McHale were in constant conflict. It was shedding that reputation as being a difficult player to coach that has been perhaps his most important accomplishment in Toronto and has set him up for a career payday. But landing him in Houston at the kind of money sources say he’s expecting — nothing less than $40 million over four years, even in income tax-friendly Texas — would likely require the Raptors to facilitate a sign-and-trade, a non-starter for the Raptors unless Lowry tells them he absolutely won’t play for them anymore, which is far from the case.

HOOP365 Free Agent Profile: Kyle Lowry | HOOP365

Since Lowry has timed his career year with his entry onto the free agent market, it’s also likely that he just hit the apex of his potential dollar-per-production efficiency. Many teams have been in pursuit of his services, and I for one am surprised that the Raptors are offering Lowry a long-term contract valued at twice the annual total of his previous deal. Most General Managers certainly feel no obligation in retaining players acquired by a previous regime, so Ujiri must see significant and hard-to-replace value in Lowry’s game. Lowry demands the ball in his hands at all times as an offensive player. The play that the Raptors ran most often for Lowry was a pick-and-roll, which accounted for 38.5% of Lowry’s offensive possessions. Amir Johnson, one of Lowry’s cohorts in the Raptors starting lineup, is one of the best screen-setters in the league, and their frequent collaborations were astoundingly efficient. As a ballhandler in the pick-and-roll, Lowry is a master at reading the defense and using the disruptive event of the screen to his personal advantage. Lowry is adept at using either “side” of the screen to do whatever it takes to keep his defender off-balance — and Lowry is almost immediately in the key whenever his man slightly falters off-balance. Defending Lowry’s pick-and-rolls requires a total team concept. The defender who is guarding the screener — usually Johnson or Jonas Valanciunas – must not sag back to prevent penetration. Lowry is too adept at leading his own defender right into the screen, and can create a wide-open shot for himself if help isn’t coming.

Has Livingston Set The Market For Greivis Vasquez? | Pro Bball Report

It’s been reported that Shaun Livingston has come to terms on a three-year $16 million free agent deal with the Warriors which should set the market for above average backup point guards who can start if necessary and make an impact at important parts of a game.

Masai Being Masai | The Sideline Sports

Masai Ujiri miraculously turned an expiring contract into a decent bench scorer and an asset that might turn out to be good. Just like he turned Rudy Gay’s massive contract into a couple good role players and an expiring, just like he turned cancer Andrea Bargani’s corpse and his absurd contract into a future first round pick and two second round picks. I’m almost at a point where I would trust whatever move he makes. You want to draft some 18 year old Brazilian who is so raw that he’s two years away from being two years away? YOU GO FOR IT MASAI.

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  • Jensan

    Really there are only three teams who can compete for Lowry services , Houston and Lakers must do a sign and trade to achieve the signing of the PG. The Heat claims they have enough to pursue Kyle, however, that is only one part of what the Heat requires.
    IMO, the Raptors have made their offer, and will take Lin plus Chandler in a sign and trade. Yes they may bounce off the Luxury Tax in doing so, this year, however, in 2015 the Raptors would eliminate 30 million in salaries.
    A possible step back to move forward.

    • That other guy

      Parsons is very intriguing if that would be the deal. Great upgrade to SF position, however his D is below average to say the least. Not high on Lin, I like that he is a pretty good and willing passer/ distributor, but that’s about all the positives.

      Anyways, I’m sure Ujiri has a plan B. I wonder if Raptors would pursue Bledsoe or Thomas if Lowry isn’t coming back (if he signs with another team without s&t).

      • Alex Vostrikov

        lin and chandler upgrade raps in a heart beat.
        Bledsoe is not coming to TO…. forget it.
        lowry will get his, be it Miami or Houston… or even LA.
        now, can anyone start looking at possibilities to sign/trade Canadian born players? there are plenty players, and most of them WILL love to play at home. its not like raps are ANYWHERE close to win anything. we hope, but that’s where it ends.
        but no, lets get another sub par American, give him all the opportunities.. and of coarse see them bolt at first opportunity.

        • Bo4

          Tristan Thompson and/or Kelly Olynyk, yes. Cory Joseph and/or Anthony Bennett, maybe. Andrew Nicholson and/or Robert Sacre, no.

    • TheSpiceTyrant

      Maybe not for Lowry but I’m sure Masai is looking at Phoenix in a 3 way trade

    • Maleko

      Why exactly would the Lakers require a sign and trade? They have a pile of cap room. They can sign him outright.

      • Alex Vostrikov

        what exactly can you get from LA??? they have like 3 guys under contract for next year…. and sign and trade make no sence for them… unless they wanna get rid of KB…lol

  • Joe

    The Rockets will not send Parsons to the Raptors, there’s no way that happens. They are trying to send Lin for sure and some small contracts or draft picks to make it work. Parsons is too valuable to the Rockets. If Melo or Lebron fall through they can deal him to the Wolves for Love or re-sign him and keep him their self, the Rockets has his bird rights do they resign him over the cap and not penalized. Parsons to Toronto I just don’t see happening. Rockets are trying to use Toronto to shed Lin’s contract and get a player they want. If Toronto were to fall for it, it would be genius on Rockets GM Morey, he would have gotten a player he want and still sustained flexibility to go out and get a big fish he covets and dump Lin back loaded contract, on the Raptors part if they fall for this they would just be plain fools and it will show why they have sucked throughout the years. Rockets could sign Lowery easily if he were the player they truly coveted, they have the money from trading Asik to NO, all they need is to shed a couple of non guaranteed contracts and they could match the Raptors offer but their trying keep the cap flexibility because they want more than Lowry and it’s not a role player. With all that said you will not be seeing Parsons in Toronto anytime soon, he’s too valuable in so many different way

    • rapturd

      Why expand so much on a bad trade for the raptors?
      masai is no fool

      • Joe

        Because I’m reading all these post and each one has Parsons name in them, I wanted to clear it up for them, there’s not a chance in hell Houston send Parsons. He’s just to valuable.

        • Alex Vostrikov

          they will sign parsons for some kind of deal….

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