Toronto Raptors get some insurance with Patrick Patterson signing | National Post

Patterson was very effective in the post-season, too — one of the few Raptors who was a positive contributor, more or less, in all seven games. He averaged 10.4 points and 6.7 rebounds per game against the Nets, shooting 54% from the floor. Patterson also provides some insurance at power forward for Amir Johnson. Johnson, who will be entering his sixth season with the Raptors and 10th in the league next year, has battled chronic ankle injuries over the last few seasons, and is entering the final year of his contract. Patterson and Johnson were excellent playing with each other. And if Patterson keeps his three-point shooting close to his Toronto level, he is an ideal match for the emerging Jonas Valanciunas, at least in theory. “Every guy wants to start in the NBA,” Patterson said of his impending free agency after the season ended. “So having the opportunity to start and having a bigger role and more pressure and more responsibility would be appealing. But like I said, as long as I’m playing, as long as I’m comfortable, as long as I’m happy, as long as I’m involved in the team and have a positive role, I’m happy.”

Raptors reach deal with Patterson, Vasquez signing close | Toronto Sun

The team is willing to pay up in order to keep last year’s 48-win squad together and is banking on continued improvement from its young core. Patterson is just 25, Vasquez 27, Lowry still 28, DeMar DeRozan just 24 and Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross just 22 and 23, respectively. Patterson had drawn interest from the Phoenix Suns and Orlando Magic, but Toronto would have had the right to match any offer, as was the case with Vasquez. Toronto is not without risk in bringing back Patterson and Vasquez. Patterson has been inconsistent throughout his career and is on his third team. If he plays like he did as a Raptor, it’s great value, if performs as he did in Sacramento, or somewhere in between – not as much.

Raptors re-signing Patrick Patterson to three-year, $18 million contract | ProBasketballTalk

After shooting just 0-for-5 on 3-pointers his first two NBA seasons, Patterson has developed into a solid stretch four, making 37.4 percent of his shots beyond the arc the last two seasons. His salary might be slightly on the high side, but he earned this by really working on his game.

Lewenberg: Raptors agree to terms with Patterson, trade Novak | TSN

“As far as I’m concerned, keeping our core group going forward, with Kyle Lowry, Greivis Vasquez and Patterson and Nando, those guys are priorities for us,” the Raptors’ GM had said. “And if you want to build, I think a team where we have young players, we have to build continuity. When free agency comes, we have to attack our guys first.” With that goal in mind the next order of business will be retaining Vasquez, also a restricted free agent, expected to be done soon. In an effort to create the cap space required to complete a deal with the back-up point guard and perhaps add another piece while maintaining future flexibility and avoiding luxury tax penalties, the Raptors have also traded veteran sharpshooter Steve Novak to the Utah Jazz, reports Yahoo Sports. Toronto will send a future second-round selection to the Jazz as a sweetener and take back the non-guarantted contract of guard Diante Garrett, who will be immediately waived, in order to unload the $7.2 million Novak is owed over the next two years.

Patrick Patterson, Raptors agree to 3-year, $18 million deal |

While not much of a rebounder or rim protector, Patterson is a solid, smart two-way player and a luxury to have as a backup behind Amir Johnson. Considering how well he shot the ball, it’s a mild surprise he didn’t get a more lucrative or longer contract. It might have helped that he wanted to come back and build on last year. “It was great here,” Patterson said at his end-of-season media availability in May. “Developed strong relationships with the staff, the organization, my teammates, embraced the city and the fans. Overall I had a great time. Out of all the stops I’ve been to, Houston and Sacramento, this is by far the best.”

Is Patrick Paterson the Next Amir Johnson | RealGM

Let me first say, I love Amir Johnson – he is the Udonis Haslem of this franchise and I hope next summer we can retain him for a reasonable term and price On to Patrick Paterson 4 years ago around this time of the year the “decision” happened. Chris Bosh left the franchise and Amir Johnson’s extension at $6m a year seemed like a huge overpayment… Patrick Paterson came to us as a throw in, just as Amir Johnson did. A diamond in the rough trade so to speak. PP fits perfectly with this lineup, he’s young, and he plays the stretch 4 perfectly which is ultimately the fit we need beside JV. I think we need to gamble on Patrick Paterson that he will earn his contract, just like Amir Johnson.

Toronto Raptors: Patrick Patterson Contract Grade | HoopStuff

With the Raptors’ 18 million dollar investment in Patterson, they now have an incredible young core of DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Jonas Valanciunas, Patrick Patterson and Terrence Young all signed for at least 2 more seasons and if they continue to develop, they could be a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference if they are able to add one more big piece. They happen to have a lot of cap space next offseason where they can find that piece, but for now, resigning Patterson should help keep them in the middle of the East next season. With Patterson and Vasquez (who they also need to resign), the Rudy Gay deal gave them 2 excellent role players.

Toronto Raptors trade Steve Novak to Utah Jazz | FanSided

The Toronto Raptors, as we saw this past season, are one of the up-and-coming teams in the NBA, and they’d like to keep it that way. To stay successful, you have to make some moves in the offseason, and they’ve certainly done that. Following their recent re-signing of guard Kyle Lowry this past week, they’ve now hit the trade market, sending Steve Novak to the Utah Jazz.

NBA Trade: Utah Jazz trade Diante Garrett to Toronto Raptors for Steve Novak and a future pick | SLC Dunk

If you do the math (and I did, keep reading) this is a financial win for the Raptors who take back Diante Garrett and his non-guaranteed contract. They are likely to waive him and his hulking $915,243 price tag. If they don’t they will be getting a consummate professional who can be a solid back up at the point guard and shooting guard spots. He’s a good defender and makes his threes. If anything, he’s insurance for Kyle Lowry, Lou Williams , and Greivis Vasquez . Or an assurance that Vasquez is out. Either way it’s a solid trade for the Raptors who were on the verge of being tapped out of flexibility and stuck as middle playoff team. Now they can make moves again or signings to keep improving. For the Jazz this is less about getting better than it is about maintaining their commanding lead in flexibility over the rest of the league. Novak appears to be allosteric competition against the ideas of Marvin Williams (who has a bunch of teams after him right now), Malcolm Thomas, and Erik Murphy on their Summer League team (Diante too, but oh well…) and the theory that they are face up, stretch bigs is still just a theory. Novak is the proof of concept. Novak is cheaper than Marvin will be, but $1.681 million more than keeping both Malcolm Thomas and Erik Murphy.

Raptors Are Almost Done With Free Agency – Sort Of | Pro Bball Report

De Colo is a bigger question mark. If Ujiri wants to add a veteran wing through free agency – say Vince Carter for example – he will have to rescind De Colo’s qualifying offer to free up a roster spot or eat (waive) one of his guaranteed contracts. De Colo is even standing in the way of simply adding second round draft pick DeAndre Daniels unless Ujiri can pull off a two-for-one trade. This is quite possibly the real reason the Raptors Plan On Sending DeAndre Daniels To The D-League.

1 Burning Question for Every NBA Team Entering Weekend 1 of 2014 Free Agency – Toronto Raptors | Bleacher Report

As far as free agents are concerned, the Toronto Raptors are almost done. They re-signed Kyle Lowry to a four-year, $48 million deal and brought Patrick Patterson for three years and $18 million. Greivis Vasquez is the only one of note who hasn’t come back, though he and the Raptors are closing in on a deal, per Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun. To make the money work more easily, GM Masai Ujiri will send Steve Novak and a second-round pick to Utah, according to Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski. That doesn’t mean, though, that the Raptors will be done after that. Ujiri is a dealmaker by trade and figures to keep his line open in the event that another executive wants to chat.

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  • joe

    The answer to a question was that Utah had the cap space to absorb Novak. Does that mean in theory you can trade, at any time during the year a player if the destination has sufficient cap space?

    • ckh26

      I think you can trade players from 10 July through to the trade deadline in February of the following year.

      Trades and signings we are hearing about are agreed to in the time line from July 1 (opening of free agency) to July 9th but only made official in the leauge offices on the July 10th date this year. Trades can then be made from the 10th of July to the Feb trade deadline. Then it repeats.

      Good question and the above may be corrected by someone.

      • joe

        Yes, I should have referred to the trade deadline, but my question stands and I’m not clear. Can Raps trade DD right now say to Phoenix for a first round pick?

        • JunkYardDog

          Yes why wouldn’t that be allowed ? If you are trading a player to a team that is over the salary cap then that team would have to send equal salary back to you in order for the trade to work. However, if the team you are trading the player to is under the salary cap (like the Jazz) then you can trade as many players as you want to them as long as they remain under the cap and they do not have to send any players back. This is what the Warriors did last year, they traded Jefferson and Biedrins along with a few 1st rounders to the Jazz to create cap space for Andre Igoudala.

          So yes , Raptors can trade DD to phoenix for a second rounder if they wanted to( and PHX wanted to)

  • Jeremywilhelm

    Pretty darn excited for next season now!

  • Xtremenator1

    As a fan are you happy going into next year with the only addition being Lou Williams? I for one am not. Will the Raptors still be a playoff team next year? Most likely, but the goal isn’t to make the playoffs its to win a Championship. You’re going to want to strike when the irons hot, which is why they need to get a second Small Forward who can defend the stars in the East. If that means we have to give up someone like De Colo for a Vince Carter, or even stretching it with a Marvin Williams/ Trevor Ariza, that’s what needs to be done. I am not saying they should break the bank or even go into the luxury tax, but they need at least one more piece if they’re going to be contenders. The goal for the next season should be to further develop Jonas and Ross, as we’ll as get into the second round. If that happens, then next year with all the extra cap space they should be looking to add one more big piece to finally contend for a Championship.

    • Mike

      Yes I am, when you are looking at the additions with this team you have to look at it’s youth. Not only are we coming back with Lou Williams but we have a young core who is expected to come back even better. I expect Ross and JV to make huge strides this offseason. Lowry is really the only Raptor that may be in his prime or has reached his full potential.

      • say my ney, say my neymar!

        …and that is why you should be worried. I like to think that these guys will progress, but remember there are at least 4 or 5 underperforming eastern conf. teams (Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta, Washington, Charlotte) who youth is possibly more talented and also getting better. I HOPE we can creep in to the 6th seed if we are lucky! That’s for real!

        • GLF

          We are most likely going to win our division unless New York or Brooklyn make some big moves. The lowest seed we can get if we win the division is 4th.

          • say my ney, say my neymar!

            True… that was considered…We will be in a fight for the division crown this year. NYC contingents will be much stronger competition this year…We did lose to the Nets with this same squad minus sweet lou.

            • GLF

              Yea but I think we learned a lot from that series and a lot of their players are going to be one year older. Also Livingston was a big part of their success and he’s gone. Even with Carmelo most likely resigning New York doesn’t scare me at all. Their defense is still going to be so bad. Like they brought in Jose and still have Andrea. Also Carmelo and Amare aren’t known to be good defenders or give much effort on that end. Dalembert and Shumpert are probably the only two players on their roster that aren’t horrible defensively. Also they have a first year coach in Fisher. They might makes some bigs moves though to improve so we shall wait and see with them.

    • noname

      First of all, we have internal developement meaning that we will be better this year than last year. Second of all, we already adressed 2 needs (playmaker: Lou, backup C: Bebe) and only need to resign Vasquez and maybe De colo (as insurance). The only non-addressed need is a backup 3 and I have a theory about that. Masai traded salmons and novak, who’s left? Landry Fields. Now Masai could waive fields at any time using the stretch provision…but he hasn’t. He is either orchestrating a trade, either has seen fields work this offseason when he’s not tryna be Nicki Minaj and has seen progress in bringing back his shot and is willing to give him a chance in his contract year, or he is just waiting for it to expire so that he can make a splash in 2015 free agency. I got a feeling it’s a mix of the last 2, don’t be suprised if Landry Fields has a great comeback year…

      • GLF

        I agree with both you and Mike. Also supposedly now with the Novak trade we will have the MLE to spend on one more free agent. So I think Masai will put that to use if he isn’t comfortable with Fields. I think the Lou Williams acquisition can really help us though. Last season we desperately needed someone who could come in and give us another scoring punch so Vasquez and Patterson didn’t have to do it all themselves. If Vasquez or Patterson had a bad game we were screwed. We also needed someone who could create for himself and for others because most of our bench players needed Vasquez to do all the creating. We finally got both of those things in Lou.

      • Xtremenator1

        I believe the plan with Bebe is to stash him overseas this year. Bruno is supposed to be with the team, Bebe isn’t.

        • noname

          Bleacher report is saying Bebe and bruno are going to be signed but Daniels is getting stashed. That would make the lineup look like this:
          2Pat (I think he should start)/Amir/Hansbrough
          This is assuming Stone and Buycks are waived…the lineup would contain 13 players, we could bring back De colo on the cheap and sign a backup 3 with the MLE to finalise the roster.

    • jjdynomite

      I agree to an extent, but I am not sure if Masai wants to blow the budget on 29-year-old SF studs on long-term deals (4 years+) like Deng or Ariza, when there is so much caproom on the table next offseason (25 million+). Deng and Ariza are older than every one of our core players, and T-Ross and JV will need to be re-upped to much larger deals too that come into effect the season after that.

      If he wants to go all-in on young SFs that can grow with the team than I am all for him taking shots at RFAs like Parsons and Hayward.

      If that doesn’t work, I am all for one-year stopgaps like Aminu or PJ Tucker — but NOT Wince and all his baggage.

      • Xtremenator1

        Doesn’t need to go all out though. Even someone like PJ Tucker would be a good piece to add to the team. The Raptors need a defensive three who can defend the stars in the East, outside of that everything is manageable with the current roster. I’ am not talking Finals this year, but the improvement of Jonas, Ross, and maybe Bruno? Is mandatory, as well as a deeper playoff run and more experience. In two years time Lowry will be in his 30’s, just as a bit of perspective. With his style of play who knows how long he can play at this level. Amir may not even be playing anymore because of his legs.

  • c_bcm

    Any money left to go after Aminu?

  • Roarque

    With Grievis on board this team is a strong wing away from contending. Masai needs to modify his “chat” with Kyle from last Fall and repeat it with Landry Fields. Otherwise we wince and take Vince so the JJs of NBA don’t end our season prematurely encore un fois.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    The Raps got Pat at a surprising affordable price–three years and at just 18$ million. Wonder if they will get the same kind of deal with Greivis.

    • noname

      greivis shouldn’t get more than 4 or 4.5 mil. Anything higher is an overpay.

  • johng_3

    I think the Raps should go after PJ Tucker instead VInce or Aminu. PJ had a great season last year and is a solid defender.