No children were hurt during the filming of this video. Only Kiwis who now know what it feels like to have the wrath of Jonas Valanciunas struck down upon you.

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  • HQ

    LOL does NZ even have a center?

    • mountio

      Pretty weak competition to put it mildly … but none the less encouraging

  • Charanvir

    Did JV have a Richard Sherman interview after that game but in Lithuanian. That would be the cherry on top of this performance.

  • G MAN

    Dont you just love it when he gets fired up

  • Will

    A man amongst boys. Although I feel like some of those post moves could be offensive fouls, like when he hooks his defender with his elbow.

    • Nerius

      There is this risk. The refs in Lithuania are still giving the NT the benefit of the doubt. Today he was trucking through Slovenia’s bigs as well. Will be OF’s in World Championship. Not sure about NBA though. Either way – next 4 games are already out of Lithuania – so we will see different refereeing.

  • RobertArchibald

    His seals, footwork, and ball position on his turns are so much better already. Looks like he’s been working on being really close to the basket. Should result in less TOs and better finishes. Love it.

    • webfeatmm

      He looks less hesitant, too.

      • Ghotte

        *That* is the key. It’s not about whether Casey will run plays for him. If he’s making quick decisions and decisively executing, his teammates will feed him the ball.

  • jakdripr

    September really can’t come soon enough, excited to see if and how these improvements carry over to the season.

  • Alex Vostrikov

    all he needs is opportunity….. which he gets in the national team.
    by running the floor all game, and getting 5 touches a game, wont get you anywhere.
    jv is for real… now give him the opportunity. don’t bench him for small screw ups.

  • Truth Teller

    Now we need to see him be more involved this season. Not just in the first half. I want Derozan to actually give him the ball in the 4th.

  • TheSpiceTyrant

    Has the pump fake seen it’s last days? Cautious optimism…

    I love the decisiveness. But, hey, he’s a man amongst boys.

    • Nerius

      Nah, he’s still pumpfaking like there’s no tomorrow. Not sure if he shot once. But he establishes better/deeper post position and that WILL transfer to NBA play. He doesn’t need pumpfakes under the basket.

      • TheSpiceTyrant

        The Jonas Pump-fake / beer drink game continues…

  • junior

    what was his total stat line ?

  • Jay

    Extremely impressed with his foot . Keep it Jonas!

  • Jay