Reports: Bruno eating 6,000 calores per day, Tim Leiweke leaving?

A few news tidbits to pass along on an otherwise gorgeous Tuesday afternoon in Toronto.

1. Raptors have Bruno Caboclo (205 pounds) on a special diet

Let’s not read too much into this. Most pro-athletes are on ridiculous diets to bulk up or slim down. For the record, 6,000 calories is equivalent to more than 15 McDonald’s Junior Chicken sandwiches, and given that Bruno is just 19 years old, it’s not entirely impossible that he’s meeting his quota by chowing down on some McDicks.

2. Tim Leiweke might flee for warmer weather

There’s conflicting reports on this, but CBC’s Elliot Friedman (and other outlets too) is reporting that Tim Leiweke is looking to leave Toronto and return to Los Angeles. Word is, it has to do with weather. That makes sense — after all, who moves from Los Angeles to Toronto? It’s almost always the other way around.

Leiweke flatly denied the rumor, so there’s that too. I’d elaborate and update the story, but I’m on my way to work. Sam, Zarar or Blake will be around to pass along relevant information as they emerge.

Just as a passing note, losing Leiweke will certainly be a huge downer for the Raptors and MLSE. In only a year’s time, the Raptors have greatly improved in standing, both on the court and in terms of public perception. He helped bring Masai Ujiri back to the franchise, got us hooked on that Drizzy Drake and won the bid for the 2016 All-Star game. Most importantly, his skills as an account man rivaled that of Roger Sterling and Pete Campbell combined, as evidenced by the acquisitions made by TFC, Maple Leafs and Raptors. Let’s hope it’s just a rumor.

Just talked to Tim Leiweke re: rumours he’s leaving MLSE: “It’s not true. 100 per cent not true. I’m fully committed to the season at hand.”

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