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Thanksgiving open thread

What are you thankful for?

Full disclosure: Our schedule initially called for Andy Rautins’ player preview to go in this Sunday 9 a.m. slot. That, uhh, no longer seems necessary, since Rautins has been waived along with Kennedy Meeks and Kyle Wiltjer, trimming the roster to 17 with a week and change left in training camp.

So, we’ll turn our attention briefly to Thanksgiving, like Kyle Lowry and his family did yesterday in giving away 300 meals to disadvantaged families in the city.

Without getting too corny in the “go around the table and share what you’re thankful for” sense, I would be interested to read Raptors-related notes of appreciation, positive memories, and reasons you’re grateful for ball, the Raptors, the community, or whatever. It’s an easy one for me – I get to live a dream job because of you guys reading our site (Speaking of: The Raptors are back in Toronto now and I’m off to practice shortly). So whether it’s Raptors-related thanks, or life in general, or even if you just want to rage that the food at Thanksgiving is actually criminally overrated other than stuffing, here’s your thread for the day.

Have a great long weekend.

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