Kyrie Irving

ATL revenge mission, Parker, MVP, Doug Smith


If the upcoming Laker game is ranked 10 on the degree of difficulty scale and say Charlotte was something like 4, then the Hawks should be around a 6 or a 6.5. Plus they’ve already kicked our ass once and that was with Jermaine O’Neal in the lineup, so needless to say we have to… Read more »


Robin Lopez makes his mark


I’m looking through my RSS reader and finding zilch from Doug Smith, Michael Grange and Eric Smith concerning yesterday’s workouts at the ACC. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough but on this note I’d like to point to Oregon Live as having the best basketball coverage for a home team. Jim Kelly had this to… Read more »


Shit from here and there


I almost made a post on Sunday but the Celtics Game 7 win didn’t sit right with the stomach. There’s a team in the conference finals that has yet to win a road game, isn’t this a little sad? The Lebravs had this game but he took a very bad shot down 3 late in… Read more »

Beating Miami is the first step to recovery


Chris Bosh is officially back tonight against the Heat and in all seriousness, he could’ve taken another game off. If there’s one team we can beat without Bosh, it has to be Miami, especially with Wade, Haslem and Marion (questionable, back) out. Tonight’s a win but what counts is the three games after that: @Cleveland,… Read more »


Note to Colangelo: F**k pride!


First of all, I have to give props to Raps Fan for actually doing a video podcast and revealing his mug on the internet. See, I could never do that, I was stepped on as a child and have the disfigurements to prove it. You may hear my high-pitch voice in the podcasts but my… Read more »