How much time do Triano/Colangelo have?

The Jay Triano and Bryan Colangelo combination are on the verge of a dubious honor in Raptors history. At this point, it’s natural to wonder just how long these two can partner in their quest to return the Raptors to respectability.


Bye-Bye Bosh

Another Raptors star opts to leave the first chance he gets.


Triano’s Basketball IQ a Source of Optimism

Despite a rough start to the preseason and the struggles of individuals, alas, the team as a whole, to get in regular season shape, Raptorland remains afloat with optimism. Of course, we have all been here before. For the past half decade, the fan base has levied large expectations on rosters and situations that may… Read more »


Morning Coffee – July 14

Toronto Sun After signing Monday with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Parker believes he has a legitimate shot at winning his first NBA title. "For me it’s always about who really saw me fitting in with what they’re trying to do," Parker said. "Cleveland has been that team from the beginning. They showed the most interest and… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Morning Coffee – June 18

Toronto Sun The 19-year-old forward from the USC Trojans, a projected top-10 pick, is one of several top prospects that have opted to go it alone during pre-draft auditions. "I felt like coaches get the chance to see everything I’ve improved on without paying attention to other players, their whole focus is on me," DeRozan… Read more »


Morning Coffee – May 23

  Bullets Forever Tier 1: Chris Bosh (16 million through 2010) Notes: Toronto is Chris Bosh and a bunch of guys I don’t want.  Bosh has the highest value of anyone on this list.  He’s the only guy I’d trade McGee for and the only guy I’d consider giving up one of the Big 3… Read more »