T minus 1: No sign of what the Raptors might do

Let’s start off the day with Chad Ford’s mock draft which insists on us taking Robin Lopez at #17. I don’t see it happening unless Brandon Rush, CDR or even Donte Greene are already taken. There’s no doubt that drafting a hustle-type big man is the easier thing to do, there’s far less expectations from… Read more »


TJ Ford + #17 + Rasho for Jermaine O’Neal

Update: Deal goes down! The Indianapolis Star is reporting. This is also confirmed (copied?) by Doug Smith. Obviously we’re taking a big gamble if this goes down but I’m all for the proactive nature of this deal, once again giving up the #17 pick hurts but I wouldn’t be terribly upset at this move. O’Neal’s… Read more »


TJ Ford, Raptorulosis Fasciitis and Cuban’s load of crap

Its hard being rational in the summertime when there’s absolutely nothing going on and the only thing one can do is speculate on free agent acquisitions, hypothetical trades, possible draft choices and when the barrel will hit $250. Its like a disease that starts around May and ends around October, call it Raptorulosis Fasciitis. Its… Read more »


Robin Lopez makes his mark

I’m looking through my RSS reader and finding zilch from Doug Smith, Michael Grange and Eric Smith concerning yesterday’s workouts at the ACC. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough but on this note I’d like to point to Oregon Live as having the best basketball coverage for a home team. Jim Kelly had this to… Read more »

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Day 1 of workouts + TJ Ford trade talk heats up

After the workouts yesterday Raptors Director, Player Personnel Jim Kelly didn’t have much to say but did drop the hint that the Raptors are a “fairly active team in the trade market” and one of the reason for that is because our “wing scoring wasn’t good” last year. That’s good because the first step of… Read more »


Five misconceptions about the Raptors

Misconception #1: Bargnani is a candidate to be traded There is a better chance of the Raptors shipping out Chris Bosh than Andrea Bargnani. It sounds ridiculous but as of today its a true statement. The fact is that we don’t know what kind of player we have in Bargnani, I mean we know that… Read more »


Expiring contracts, TJ Ford and more

Sam Smiths’ reporting that the Raptors are actively looking to package TJ Ford along with some expiring contracts in a trade that would also involve the Heat’s #2 pick. The report also states that Calderon will be the starting PG come next year and the Raptors are hoping a team can look past TJ Ford’s… Read more »


High quality Raptors beat Pistons for feel-good win

Detroit Pistons 82, Toronto Raptors 89 It’s good that Jose Calderon could see what Sam Mitchell couldn’t: that TJ Ford is best suited as a starter and coming off the bench for him isn’t exactly second nature. These sentiments were being echoed by fans well before the media had the temerity to even suggest a… Read more »