Toronto Raptors players on Twitter include DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Terrence Ross, Patrick Patterson, Delon Wright and many more. Below is a live timeline of their Twitter accounts.

3 Responses to “Toronto Raptors Players on Twitter”

  1. Steve Montano

    Raptors will always have problem till Casey stop with his favorite players . Casey is very slow to realize when the big player of the opponent start making all the basket instead of putting big players he will switch to small players he is backward like Michele was the coach. Last night Ross play a full 1/4 doing nothing players not choosing selective shots he leaves them inside. Casey is not a players coach he ruins player by benching them using only his favorite. He even takes players out of the game even when there hot because the reason is they are not his regular boys . You can’t be a good leader if you dont treat your men equally . And what is with him benching 4 or 5 players You only do that when the players are liability in the games. He never reacts to protect leads it doesn’t make sense and Ross is not a player that you waste time on using 30 minutes come on he’s not on that level yet give it a break. put Biombo and Niguera together if we are being pounded by bigs at the bottom it’s the only common sense …and He should be telling players don’t settle for 3points if they are not going in . thats what good player does, they adjust to the game till confidence shot is back ….


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