When can you fire an NBA coach?

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When can you fire a coach?

You are allowed to fire a coach when they come back from a coastal swing with an X-Y record and with the team record at M-N.

  1. X must be either 0 or 1.
  2. Y must be either greater or equal to 5. Y can also be 4 but in this case the point differential in the games must be an average of -15 for the team whose coach is about to be fired.
  3. M/(M+N) must be less than 0.4 where M is the number of games the team has won and N is the number of games the team has lost. This translates to the team having a winning percentage of less than 40%.

    Given the above, we conclude that Rob Babcock should not have been fired by the Raptors after their West coast trip since they went 1-4 with a very competitive point differential of -6.2.

    Here is the short and sweet on Rob Babcock:

    He was a horrible GM during his first year. He made some very good moves during his second year. Some might even make a good argument that he had atoned for earlier sins – most notably a Brazillian guy who went to BYU (sounds like the start of a joke) and trading Vince Carter for special olympic athletes.

    Believe it or not, Rob Babcock deserved better. If nothing, he deserved to stay on until the trading deadline or even a little further. But the axe of MLSE eventually falls on everyone – Sam Mitchell better watch out.

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