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Some days, I get to work and can’t stop yawning. Or I’ve got a song stuck on ‘repeat one’ in my head (this was in my head for most of 03-04) until noon. It happens, especially this time of year. Some days, you just lay an egg. Wannabe’s, amateurs, professionals, even the great ones. It’s inexplicable and unacceptable, but it’s reality.

I’m not saying it wasn’t disgusting to watch – In fact I stopped really focusing on the action with about 2 minutes left in the third and began this post. It’s just not a game worthy of excess brain cells, which are at a premium ’round here.

A loss by 40, no matter who you play, is one of those ‘chalk it up to’ games where everything goes wrong and the players play like they’re wearing cement shoes and cooking gloves. There was absolutely no reason to think that Boston wouldn’t continue along, 10-0 at home. The only thing about this game that surprised me was how long I was willing to watch before I realized ‘holy shit, this isn’t even entertaining.’

I wonder how many Tommy points “winning by 40” gets? It’s difficult to praise the Celtics for that win because they were never forced into second gear – they were on cruise control for 4/5ths of that game. The starters could sit (and it’s not like they’re all 40, too much is made of their age), and we weren’t capable of a rally.

Is it not crystal clear to anyone else that TJ shouldn’t start? What the hell is going on here? Trust me, from a point guard who’s biggest skill is forcing the unnecessary pass, TJ sees a seam, his eye bulge, he whips that ball in there and is surprised when it doesn’t make it. He had four turnovers, one more than his three assists – but could have been credited with two more. Calderon had the same amount of assists in half as many minutes. We don’t operate properly when he focuses on offence, and he makes bad decisions when he focuses on distributing. The only option is to bring him off the bench at let Jose set the offensive rhythm.

It’s okay to be wrong, Sam.

What the fuck did Scalabrine do to deserve an interview? 5pts, 0 boards on 1-3 shooting? Doesn’t he remind you of your best friend’s cousin who you can’t stand but have to be pleasant to because he’s not an outright dickhead and deep down has a good heart? Just rubs me the wrong way.

And now, at 10-10 and a quarter of the way through the season, what do we really know? Well, find out tomorrow when we take a look back at the first quarter of the Raptors 2007-2008 season. Don’t blame me if you can’t sleep tonight!

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