Raptors vs. Pistons, 7pm (and I’m not harping on the ESPN tragedy, don’t worry)

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Those guys are all professionals. They play well, they play hard, they understand the game … they’re just good. I don’t know what else you can say. – Sam Mitchell, on the Detroit Pistons

Don’t know what else to say? That’ll inspire faith from your fan base. How about “Don’t let them intimidate you”? Or “We have to try and own the paint”? Or maybe “Our bench has to outperform their bench”? Coach of the Year…please.

So yah, it’s the Pistons, bad boys, blah blah blah, everybody’s ‘under the radar’ bandwagon baby of late (if they played Portland tonight, I think ESPN would explode). I guess ten in a row will do that to a team though, especially when they’re one of three teams to beat the Celtics this year.

They’re good. Maybe great. They share the rock, don’t care who leads the box score, and do all those ‘little things’ that give Jack Armstrong a stiffy. But on any given Sunday Friday in the NBA, anything is possible. Remember San Antonio? We’re in our house tonight, but our raucous home crowd will have little impact on a seasoned group like Detroit. Waggling a couple red inflatables isn’t going to make Rip miss from the free throw line (but a handsome man courtside might.*) When we’re on we can play with the best, and that’s what we’ll need for tonight’s “spotlight” game.

* “azz licked”…haha!

It’s a matchup between the best two benches in the East. I can’t think of another team that can match us 12 deep. Boston, Detroit, even Orlando have to be considered the front runners in the Conference, but we’re not far behind. If we turn the ball over too much, they’ll skewer us. If we miss our jumpers, they’ll make us pay.

We’re looking for as close to a mistake-free game as possible. That means mo’ benchy for you, DMart.

Lots has been said over the years about the Detroit starters, but personally I love the Petite Pistons, especially Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell. Those two can play, and along with Stuckey are the future of this team, sure to be among the East’s elite for years to come. In season’s past the franchise has been criticized for not developing their youngins (just ask Delfino), but with the surprising efficiency of their second unit, I guess Flip Saunders is laughing now (although I’m not sure he’s capable, never seen it.)

Speaking of ‘Los, you know he’s fired up to play his old team. I think it has something to do with them writing him off as lazy, overrated and uncoachable. After spending a few years shadowing Rip and Tayshaun in practice, he should get some good minutes tonight, and I expect him to excel.

We all know Sam’s game plan. Something deep and strategic like “outscore the Pistons” or “make the extra pass”. He’s a big fan of the transparent and obvious. Well, I gots me a game plan as well: Get Rasheed out. Sure, he’s got a playful side, but he’s crazier than Britney Spears…and that’s saying something.

Sheed’s the most important player on that team (you can argue it’s Chauncey, but I’m not listening). And he has…how do I say it… a fucking screw loose. I say let’s rattle him. Have Humphries lay a couple hard fouls, Bosh play him tight, and see if we can get him agitated. Cause an aggressive Rasheed will get booted tonight. After all, the officials know they’re on ESPN, and who doesn’t like to be a hero?

Get up for this game, fans. It’s going to be entertaining, emotional, and most importantly a litmus test for the 2008 Raptors: CAN WE HANG WITH THE BIG BOYS?*

*And does Rip like big boys hung?

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