Phoenix targets Rush + Very depressing stuff

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Brandon Rush might be Phoenix’s top prospect. This saddens me to no end because Phoenix is picking two spots before us at #15. It would amount to nothing short of tragedy if the Raptors fail to get a chance to pick Rush who by all accounts is raising his stock higher than most in the pre-draft workouts. The only reason it was low to begin with was because of his knee injury but he’s shown no sign of that this month. I don’t see the Raptors having the temerity (balls) to anticipate Phoenix and trade up to get Rush, it just amounts to doing too much work. Also, Phoenix would like nothing more than to stick this one to Colangelo.

If you’re interested in checking out workouts of players, look no further than the Blazers who’ve worked just about everyone out there.

Chris Bosh faces some competition to get into the US Basketball team, namely Tyson Chandler and Carlos Boozer. Chandler’s the better defender of all of them but they already have Dwight Howard on the team and need some frontcourt scoring so you’d think its between Boozer and Bosh. It’s a toss-up. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bosh sit the games out for his own good and get some rest before training camp starts. The flip side is that he gets into shape well before training camp and gets into mid-season form sooner. Again, its a toss-up.

Chad Ford’s thinks the best international player in the draft is Danilo Gallinari followed by Nicolas Batum. The little blurb about Gallinari says this: “He plays very hard, possesses great leadership skills and has an extraordinary basketball IQ”. Screw the basketball IQ, I like the first two attributes much better.

The Celtics failed to close out the Lakers last night which means the stage is set for Kobe Bryant to pull some Jordan-type performances. Beating the Celtics three straight times sounds like a tall task but you’ve already won one game and need to pull together for one more before forcing Game 7 where anything can happen. I say the Lakers aren’t as dead as everyone thinks and just need Kobe and Gasol to up it. On a side note, the Celtics will play the most playoff games in NBA playoff history this year, at least 26.

Finally we turn to the downright depressing shit – Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric are getting married. Hasn’t Adriana seen this?

This article about ex-Raptor (technically speaking) Jonathan Bender’s post-retirement life is something good.

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