DeMar DeRozan got robbed

Bad loss for DeRozan, he really didn’t deserve to lose even though he didn’t bring his A-game. When he said he was saving stuff for Saturday night he wasn’t kidding. A between-the-legs left-handed windmill gave him a 42 which was good enough for second after Robinson, who got the better score because of the height factor. The second DeRozan dunk was a 50, Weems laying it off the side of the board and DeRozan slamming it windmill-style. Was it a 50? Probably not, but it was clearly the best dunk of the round and Weems needs to be given credit for executing the pass. As Barkley said, “When Dominque Wilkins’s gives you a 10, you’re doing something right”.

“Why is he gonna bring them out if he’s not going to use them”, that’s a Barkley quote referring to Nate bringing out the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and not using them. He tried the same old bounce the-ball-high and throw it down viscous but it didn’t work for me. We’ve seen it before, to win it you got to bring something harder, he didn’t and still won it.

On to DeRozan and Weems again, our man starts off with Weems (who’s a legit 6′ 7″) midway between the FT line and baseline, bouncing it off the backboard. I say a bad score because even though he pushed off Weems a bit, it was still more impressive than Robinson’s. The latter just threw it off the board and hammered a reverse. I’ve just seen it two many times to be be impressed by it.

DeRozan’s last dunk was disappointing because it wasn’t his best but he did have the best dunk in the last round. I thought he wasn’t creative enough for the occasion and had a chance to seal it proper even if he had just done his second dunk again. He thought he could just coast his way through this and it just doesn’t work that way, even though he had the better material, he lost. Overall, a disappointing final round performance but the fact that he did have the better dunks makes the loss sting and thus the headline.

Exchange between Reggie Miller and Kenny Smith:

Reggie: Did he lose it?

Smith: Yes, he did. I think Nate Robinson will be the 2010 Sprite Slam Dunk champion.

That my friend, is influencing the vote. Not cool, but hey, the Knicks need to win something, right? 51-49% he loses. If you didn’t vote, you suck.

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  1. Bringing props to dunk contest is a joke. I can’t wait to see next year someone bringing fireworks for their dunk!!!!! I also wonder how much did Kia invest into NBA all-star weekend?


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