Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Knicks Dec 8

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The “meccasaurus” edition:

Alabi: like a grape with seeds….annoying.

Barbosa: his night of work probably mimicked your typical day on the job: halfassed but fully paid.

Bargnani: any doubt he is the man? He seems to always step up his game in NYC and tonight was no exception with 41 points. Didn’t back down from Amar’e on either end of the floor and, once again, demanded the ball…and this time he actually got it. That 3 late in the fourth was almost spiritual. He performed better than Paris Hilton in front of a night vision camera.

Bayless: he will rarely win you a night on your fantasy team, but his energy on the floor and from the bench has been a well received injection since coming here.

Calderon: liked his energy and ball distribution especially down the stretch. He played the part of floor general to a T and solidified his quarterback status. Easy when your big guy has a hot hand, though.

Davis: first game as a pro in the Garden and he looked all kinds of nervous. Played little, but still tore down 5 rebounds.

DeRozan: middle of the game he looked like a world beater. That was bookended by typical DeMar apathy. I’d love to see vintage Bobby Knight coach this bastards ass.


Evans: you put your right foot in, you put your left foot out….

Johnson: that 3second violation made me stab my penis with a fork, but he redeemed himself with a nice board on the following play. If I had one word for his play tonight it would be……unsubstantial.

Kleiza: statline from hell, but truly not as horrible a game as we have been accustomed to.  Well, until that 5 second in-bound violation. He’s in a funk, he’s seen other guys outperform him night in and night out, and he needs some cheering up. Know what I say? Kevin O’Neill. He’ll snap Linas out of it.

Stojakovic: he has the same amount of firey passion as wet wood.

Weems: my buddy had an idea once to produce a weekly show called “WTF Moments” where it would feature plays/players that for everything good they do, they have double the amount of “WTF is he doing” moments. He’d then display the level of WTF by showing up to 5 forehead slapping heads at the bottom of the screen. The idea was scrapped when we both realized it would be a Sonny Weems exclusive show from November – April.

Wright: if the man ahead of you in the depth chart is playing like a living version of the runs and you STILL don’t get playing time, it’s time to call your agent.

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

Game Theme:

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