Raptors Roll Call Mar 4 vs Warriors

The Raptors pull out a win against a Western Conference team at home. No, really. Raps win 83-75 and "improve" to 12-25.

The “my milkshake brings all the wins to my yard” edition:

Barbosa: I have to admit that when he is excited and into the game, his eyes remind me of this. Efficient game from Leandro tonight even though it looked like it would take a sniper shot from section 310 to stop him from heaving the ball at times.

Bayless: got to the line a few times tonight, but his shots from the field may as well have been aimed at a hoop in Hamilton because he was hitting nothing but metal at the ACC.  Have to respect his 4 boards and 4 assists, though.

Calderon: Ellis was using Calderon like he was a piece of paper trying to stop a flood. There were times were in seemed like Monta was in a Cirque du Soleil performance as he twisted and turned, leaving Jose to extend his arms in a “ta-dah” fashion. Certainly a step down from his latest performances, but tough to play a guy that is faster than you and knows how to exploit your (many) defensive weaknesses.

Davis: so great when you get to see this guy have fun. He was banging bodies and grabbing more balls than a hernia doctor tonight. He will never be an offensive producer, but he was in his wheelhouse tonight and brought a great kick off the bench.

DeRozan: 46 minutes of action to redeem himself after a horrendous showing on Friday. Smart mixing of shots, effective at getting to the line, playing above the rim, hell I even think he changed the lens on one of the backboard cameras with one of his dunks. Defensively he still needs to improve, but if there was a game that highlighted what we need from him on the nightly, this might have been it.

Gray: another egg laying game from our future MVP. No way of denying that a tree stump with training wheels and two car radio antennas as arms would have been just as useful on the court tonight.

A. Johnson: I still think that personal issue excuse a while back was a crock, but he certainly seems to be back to early season form now. Smiles, high fives, blowing kisses to the crowd like he was a heel wrestler…..11 and 13 tonight and, just like Friday, pulling off the image of being like the Flash and being everywhere on the court. Superfan’s turban almost unravelled as he watched Amir play tonight.

J. Johnson: Momma, call Roscoe in from the field because it’s gonna be raining dogs from the sky. Nights when JJ actually steps up and plays like a man are just as rare and tonight was one of them.  Finishing with 12 and 12, even with some questionable shot, it was his most complete game of the season. His first quarter was enough to keep us in the game and his effort was infectious. Really really nice game.

Kleiza: on a night dedicated to his homeland, he played like he should have his passport revoked and be sworn in as a citizen of Uganda. My dog appears more active after he eats 4 pounds of kibble and washes it down with 2 bowls of water. Not pretty.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Linas Kleiza

Theme of the Game:

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