DeMar DeRozan’s “Sick” Rebounds in a Historical Context

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Commenter JayTeam wrote:

The other day someone mentioned DD’s 5 boards (in 40 minutes) was “sick”. I opined that was average for a wing, but I have no way of checking. Is there a site that gives averages (per 36 or 48) for each position?

Fear not friend. Looking at 24-year old guards over the last 10 years, we can surmise the following:

Stat Value
Total Games Played 4927
Total Minutes Played 163992
Total Rebounds 18266
REB/G 3.71
REB/36 MIN 4.01

So, looking at this we can conclude DeRozan’s 5 rebounds in 40 minutes against the Wolves and 7 rebounds in 42 minutes against the Lakers were slightly above average, and probably not that sick.

Is this analysis comprehensive? Of course not, there are tons of other factors at play but my guess is even if you sprinkle this analysis with loads of advanced stats, the end message will stay the same.

Data courtesy of Basketball Reference. Script to parse data courtesy of me.

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