Report: Toronto Raptors Interested in Rajon Rondo

Here we go again: Raptors going in for Rajon Rondo.

I swear I take no pleasure in writing this hit-whore of an article but it’s kind of our job to do this.

According to a report, the Raptors are interested in Rondo:

It’s no secret Boston has dangled four-time all-star Rajon Rondo league-wide and while the asking price is steep, he has piqued the interest of Toronto’s front office, according to multiple sources. Toronto is eager to up its “star” quotient and is also enamoured with Rondo’s resume, particularly his four all-defensive team selections (two all-NBA first team). He has many backers in the organization.

What would need to happen for the Celtics to trade a 27-year old Rondo in the prime of his career?
Rob Babcock becoming GM of the Celtics

What would the Raptors have to give up?
Enough so that when Rondo does arrive, there will be zero players/assets for him to play with

Would Masai Ujiri be interested in Rondo?
Do I think Hillary Duff is kind of hot?

Having said all that, let’s put on our serious faces for a second and talk about this like adults.



Hahhahahaha…I just can’t…I really can’t. Rondo, right, the Celtics trading their best player to a division rival when all they have to do is activate the tank button in turbo mode and get themselves a decent player in the draft to contend anew…

Let’s see what Rondo’s contract is like: he’s signed through 2014-15 ($13M) which could be considered a very reasonable deal, and has never suggested that he’s looking for an out from Boston. Even if he did, why would he pick the Raptors in his quest for a championship? The Lakers, Heat, and Knicks all have glaring PG holes and they would entice Rondo more than Toronto. This is especially the case if the Raptors actually complete a trade for him since they would have to give up basically everything to get Rondo, so unless Rondo wants to go championship-hunting with Dwight Buycks and Landry Fields, Toronto ain’t the right spot.

He has been injured of late which might lead some to believe that his value is on the slide, but I highly, highly, doubt that it’s gotten down to the point where you can have him for cents on the dollar. And if Lowry is in the equation, he’s not exactly Ironman either, so there is little incentive for the Celtics to pull this off. Even if Jeff Teague comes into the picture for the Celtics, I still don’t see it being enough unless they throw in Al Horford or something, but now we’re getting into some serious hypotheticals.

While we’re coming up with trades, I say aim high and go all the way. No need to stop at Rondo when you got the world at your feet.

In conclusion:

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