Kyle Lowry: Back is “Very Tender”; Will Return Before Season Ends

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Kyle Lowry has confessed that his back is still hurting, but still plans to return before the end of the season.

“I’m not gonna rush it. I rushed it the first time and see what happened… So I’mma take my time. I don’t want this to come back

It’s feeling better. The back is still very tender and sensitive but the process is definitely getting better

I haven’t been hurt like this in a while and it sucks to miss games because of injury. I want to play, especially this time of year”

The Raptors have seven games remaining in the season, 5 of which they need to win if they intend to hit the elusive 50-win target. Since losing at Detroit, the last time Lowry was seen, the Raptors are 3-1 and face a very easy schedule to end the season. The most likely scenario is for Lowry to return and play limited minutes in the last 3-4 games as a warm-up for the playoffs.

If the Raptors end up facing the Wizards, you have to think that John Wall will test Lowry just a little but more than usual knowing his recent ails.

Lowry is shooting 38%, averaging 15.3 points, 6.1 assists, and 2.6 turnovers in 2015. Prior to that he was shooting 45.1%, averaging 20.7 points, 7.7 assists, and 2.3 turnovers. The drop-off in production is a result of injury, logging heavy minutes, and team adapting to the Raptors predictable offense. The Raptors are 5-5 in games Lowry has not played, and despite missing 10 games he’s still played 325 minutes more than any other Raptor this season.

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