Free Agency

ALL THE SOURCES: Raptors Meeting with Wes Matthews

Eat your heart out, Raptor fans.

Basically, Matthews wants $15 million and the Mavericks are offering him $12 million.  That’s essentially the difference right now.  Even if they renounce Lou Williams, considering cap-holds for empty roster spots, Delon Wright, and Nando De Colo, the Raptors have about $9M left in the tank.  They would have to swing a sign-and-trade to get Matthews and the key play by the Raptors could be the length of the deal offered. They’re offering a four-year deal which is what they got Demarre Caroll at, a player of a similar age.

Apparently, the role being pitched here is the starting shooting guard, with DeRozan moving to the three and Carroll at the four.  After bulking up their shooting with Carroll, if the Raptors are able to sign Matthews who shoots 39% from three, it would make the the Raptors an excellent shooting team with 3/5 positions being deadly marksmen.

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