VIDEO: Brook Lopez takes up Robin’s cause, tosses The Raptor

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The Lopez Brothers aren’t supposed to like each other. They’re always cracking wise at each other publicly, claiming to be the preferred child, and calling each other nerds. You know, brother stuff.

But as with all strong families – the Harts, the Diaz’s, the Murphys – any sibling rivalry or dislike gets set aside when one of your own gets attacked. Only I can pick on my brother, or something of that nature.

The Raptor learned that out the hard way on Tuesday, with Brook Lopez taking up brother Robin’s cause as the agitator of mascots league-wide and sworn enemy of The Raptor. Stepped to by the Raptor, the less-bushy Lopez threw the well-respected avatar to the ground. No finesse, no artistry, not even a call out to a wrestling move, just a straight throw-down. Dastardly.

That also happens to be a perfect summation of the first half, which saw the actual Raptors get embarrassed by the Nets. This game sucks, and Id rather just watch a Lopez-Raptor cage match from here.

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