Scola to carry Argentina flag, and other shootaround notes

There is nothing left to say. Nearly 72 hours after Game 5 ended, the Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers will eventually tip off, and there’s been far too much time to talk, think, speculate, and chew nails since the last game ended. That’s not a fault of those involved – it’s what the playoffs are, and may Shammgod have mercy on beat writers filling three days (!!) between Spurs-Thunder games at one point. But would I forgive you for glossing over this notes and quotes post entirely? Not at all. Just go read the proper game preview if you do.

Have you heard the Raptors need to start hot?

This has been talking point A1 all week, and while there’s no tangible answer or fix for the slow starts, the Raptors are at least keenly aware they should, you know, not be bad to start games. Head coach Dwane Casey leaned on a highly relatable comparison…horse racing.

But are the Raptors mudders? I believe they’ve proven that they are.

Speaking of races, ummm, OK, Indianapolis?

Scola to carry Argentina flag

Raptors forward, international basketball veteran, FIBA Americas superstar, and all-around great dude Luis Scola will carry the flag for Argentina at the Olympics this summer. That’s a huge, awesome deal.

“It’s just something very special,” Scola told Chris O’Leary of the Toronto Star on Thursday. “I knew there was a chance it was going to happen. But (Wednesday) when I found out, it was like I cannot believe this is happening. I cannot believe that I’ll actually be there and carrying the flag in front of a whole country, with the support of a whole country.”

You ain’t no gold

After Patrick Patterson had the best possible response to Indiana’s #WeTheGold shirts for Game 6, DeMar DeRozan came through with that high-level apathy.

And, uhh, State of Basketball or whatever? OK, guys.


The 7:30 tip-off means Jurassic Park opens up at 5:30. If you can’t get there and don’t have TSN, there’s always the movie theatre, which actually seems like it would be an awesome way to watch a road game.

Sadly, nobody asked players about Views, or at least didn’t tweet about it. I actually think Drake slipped them “Hype” at the end of the third quarter to help turn things around on Tuesday.

OK, let’s play now. Thanks.

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