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Introducing: Blue Jays Republic

It’s been EIGHT years since Zarar and I (and Scott and Josh who aren’t with us anymore) launched RR, and its impact on our lives has been incredible. When we started this thing of ours, it was a corner of the internet where we could laugh/cry (more crying than laughing back then) about the franchise. We were relentless with our criticisms, analysis, and love for this team, and people took notice.

We have grown from a two-bit expletive laden blog to a real organization, run by Blake (thank Jah!), that breaks news and covers every aspect of the franchise 24/7; all from the support you’ve given us… Ok enough of the melancholy, but know that we are very appreciative of the support, and better off from the criticisms you have heaped on us over the years, which brings us here…

Starting today, we are very proud to be launching Blue Jays Republic. This project is something we have wanted to do for over a year, but haven’t been able to drag over the finish line until now.

There are a lot of great Blue Jays blogs out there (Jays Prospects, Blue Jays from Away, Blue Jays Blog, Jays from the Couch, Blue Jay Hunter, Jays Journal, Bluebird Banter, JaysNation and many more), but there is room for more voices, and we have something to say.

We have a great team in place:

…and will have you covered with Quick Reactions (no one does it better, period), Morning Coffee’s (so you don’t have to), and everything in between.

This is an exciting project for us, and we hope you will feel the same. As always, you can drop me a line at any time ([email protected]) with suggestions, complaints, links…we’re also looking for writers!

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