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VIDEO: Lowry, Carroll, and Casey discuss Sunday’s frustration at practice

Normally we don’t just drop video of scrums from practices here, but given the biting nature of comments from Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan after Sunday’s game, this feels like a time for it. (I also wasn’t at practice to contextualize, as I was out reporting on something else, so I want the quotes to exist in their full context.)

As expected, the Raptors walked things back a bit, conceding frustration but pulling back together with a message of unity and the need to get things done with what they have. This is always how Monday’s media availability was going to play out, and maybe it’s not the worst thing that Lowry was able to vent a bit of frustration following yet another loss. And for whatever it’s worth, Josh Lewenberg of TSN passes on that 5-on-5 practice was quite spirited (the session also included Patrick Patterson).

So, yeah, make of all this what you will. Things are still bad and need to change, but maybe the airing of grievances and another day of practice will help. Or not! I am not a sports psychologist.

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