Motor City Magic: Casey makes his Case and the Raptors Lose.

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Let’s be honest here from the outset: This was the Super Bowl for the Pistons. They came in for an emotional affair against a Raptors team that is (was?) the best team in the East, and acted accordingly. There was grit and grind and some version of “pound the rock” until the rock bounced right off of Kawhi’s toe. They played well, and came back from down 19 (NINETEEN) points.

The Raptors dominated for the first 24 minutes of the game, and for the most part, it was because of their best players. If you didn’t watch, here’s a quick summary of the first half: Kawhi Leonard.

That’s it.

Okay fine, here’s what he did: He dropped 11 in the first with five boards two dimes and two teals. He was THE MAN.The Raptors led 31-26 after one and it looked like this thing was leading to a comfy spread cover, let alone the win. Instead, it turns out players in the NBA still give it their all in the last 15 minutes and no matter how good you are you can’t take your foot off the gas, especially when you lose Danny Green and were already missing Serge Ibaka, C.J. Miles and Poor-Man Nowell (working title).

The Last 15:

Please, before you read any further know this: The Raptors led 81-64 with a the clock winding down in the third.

Detroit decided they didn’t give AF and proceeded to shoot 1i34129812342834234% from the field. Reggie Jackson and Stanley “Cup” Johnson went off – and it was the aforementioned Johnson who played some damn tight defense on Kawhi down the stretch. The Pistons pulled it close, then took the lead in the fourth.

Like all good (great) teams, the Raptors clawed back led by a charge that Lowry took that literally looked like he stood on the front lines of a shooting gallery. He was BULLDOZED, and still got right back up. Anyways, that’s common place for Raptors fans so let’s skip to something that isn’t. Kawhi had the ball with ten seconds left and the game tied to win this thing. It was iso the whole way and everyone except the ball in his hands seemed to know that. HE BOUNCED IT OFF HIS FOOT. HIS FOOT. LOOK I’M NOT EVEN LYING:



It was all for naught. The Pistons hit the game winner with 1.2 on the clock and I kid you not it’s the first time I’ve seen Casey get excited at the ACC..errrr the Bank, or the Vault, or whatever.

Listen, If you want the play-by-play breakdown, watch the game again. All you need to know is this: The Raptors are going to be okay and it’s nice Casey got a win.

Up Next: A trip to Beantown against the Celtics. Uh-Oh?




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