Fan Duel Toronto Raptors


Open Gym Ep. 12

Open Gym is back!

Here we go!

This one really pulls on the heart strings with The San Antonio Game. Curtains open with Pascal Siakam setting the stage.

Some thoughts:

  • Jakob Poeltl! He’s just so loveable. I miss the guy, and clearly, so do the Raptors. The bench mob all has dinner together, and they genuinely just enjoy each other’s company so much.
  • About Kawhi’s boos. Toronto has clearly had its history with booing stars who left, so there’s some similarities there. It’s not the same situation, but if Vince Carter had won a championship for Toronto, would he have received such hostile treatment after leaving? (Probably.)
  • Not much in the episode about DeMar DeRozan.
  • The clever title – Response – isn’t just about San Antonio’s response to Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green, but also about the Toronto’s Raptors’ response to the bad loss. This episode extends into the following wins over Milwaukee and Indiana, which features Kyle Lowry’s return.