Film Room Series Preview: 76ers Early Offense

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Film Room Series Preview: 76ers Early Offense


In Part 1 of this Film Room Series Preview, I covered in extensive detail the 76ers Half Court Offense.


In Part 2, I broke down their Out of Bounds Offense.


For the 3rd and final part of this preview, I will examine the 76ers Early Offense.


For easy navigation, time-stamped parts of the video have been embedded under the header of each play.


Simmons / Redick Early Offense



  • To leverage Simmons’ ability to push the ball in transition, as well as Redick’s gravity as a screener, the 76ers will often pair these two in early offense actions.
  • When Redick sets a ball screen, it allows Simmons to read the defense as he decides to attack the rim or make a kick-out pass.
  • Often, they’ll quickly flow into a DHO (dribble hand off) for Redick, as Simmons’ defender is sagging back to protect the rim and can’t contest Redick’s quick release.
  • When Redick draws extra attention by attracting Simmons’ defender, Simmons will either make a quick roll to the rim for a dump-off pass, or opt against handing the ball off entirely and instead “keeping” it as he strolls to the paint without impediment.


Early Screen & DHO – 3:13



  • This action is more scripted than the previously outlined set of sequences, but still involves Simmons and Redick.


  • Simmons will set a screen for Redick along the wing to build up separation as Redick comes to collect an Embiid DHO. This keeps Simmons’ defender from helping from the Weak Side of the floor by putting him in the action.
  • Again – when the screener’s defender traps Redick due to the threat of pulling up for a jumper, quick and easy dump-off passes are made
  • Sometimes, they will opt against handing the ball off to Redick (or the 2-guard on the floor) and instead just flow into a “Snug Pick and Roll” between Simmons and Embiid. By starting the ball screen so close to the baseline/paint, it does not allow the defense to go under the screen quite as easily as a traditional high ball screen.


Early Seal – 6:25



  • Due to the 76ers’ incredible size and versatility throughout their lineup, the freedom to push the ball off a rebound, as well as make a quick rim-run to seal their man in the restricted area, is given to a majority of their rotation.


  • Whether it be Embiid and Boban, or Simmons and Butler, the 76ers love to pick on a mismatch with an early seal around the rim.


Embiid Trailer 3-Pointer / Attack Closeout – 7:50



  • Embiid is often trailing the play and has been given the freedom to shoot the trailer 3-pointer when his defender sags off.


  • He only shoots 30%, and logic says that Toronto should pack the paint and let him fire away. However, if variance kicks in and he gets hot to a point that it becomes unpalatable, Embiid loves to pump-and-go when attacking a closeout. Incredibly adept at drawn fouls by doing this as well.

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