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Is Re-Signing Serge Ibaka The Right Call?

Esfandiar Baraheni is joined by Kelsea O'Brien to discuss Serge Ibaka's future.

Esfandiar Baraheni is joined by Raptors Republic and Dishes & Dimes Host Kelsea O’Brien (@Kelsea_Lately) to discuss the future of one of our beloved Raptors, Serge Ibaka.

Ibaka, along with Marc Gasol and FredVanVleet are the three main free agents for the Raptors this off-season and one of the priorities for the Raptors this summer. Ibaka had one of his best seasons in the NBA in his 11th year this season, improving his 3-point shot and becoming a legitimate scoring threat. Will the Raptors have enough to keep Ibaka from leaving for another contender? The two discuss.

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