The Interview(s): Raptors 905 Brass Edition. Patrick Mutombo, Head Coach. Chad Sanders, GM

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Image Credit: Alex Tansley - https://www.instagram.com/tansley24/?hl=en

Host Andrew Damelin went IN PERSON(!) to catch up with Raptors 905 Head Coach Patrick Mutombo and GM Chad Sanders on the second day of training camp.


Coach Mutombo has a striking presence and seriousness, even in audio form. Mutombo reflects on ways his approach may have to be tweaked going forward, before getting into the “first day of school” feeling of training camp. Mutombo recounts quizzing two-way players Justin Champagnie and David Johnson on DeMar DeRozan’s scouting report (“don’t jump on the pump-fakes!”) before the Raptors’ game against the Bulls, then watching as the young Raptors promptly bit on said pump-fakes. We also discuss the pain of cutting players, and the joy Coach Mutombo anticipates when he tells certain players they’ve made the team.

BONUS MOMENT: get ready for a Raptors 905 player screaming at the top of his lungs during our conversation. Mutombo’s reaction is rather priceless.


Now entering his fourth season as Raptors 905 GM, Chad gives us a rare dose of emotion when describing his love for the job. Chad recounts the best reactions he’s gotten when informing 905 players that they’ve signed NBA contracts. Chad laughs wistfully (my interpretation) about the NBA-success of former 905ers Alize Johnson and Gary Payton II, and we get into the tiny margin for error Henry Ellenson had when he signed his 10-day with the Raptors last season.

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