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Duane and Kelsea recap the 905’s series against the Capital City Go-Go. They discuss the benefits and pitfalls of playing at Scotiabank Arena as well as the pros and cons of early morning games, as well as the impact that certain players had outside of the box score. Duane explains to Kelsea that professional players do not go into hiding after they shoot an airball.

  • Capital City Go-Go series split
  • Ashton Hagans and his impact in the second game
  • Playing in front of the parent team and the added pressure that comes with it
  • Isaac Bonga closing the gap between two-ways and regular rotation players
  • Changing your mindset when you aren’t getting minutes
  • The crowd during school games
  • The challenge to your routine that comes with early morning games
  • Why a player may be a human victory cigar on one team and a star on another
  • Starting a game on the wrong end of a 20-0 lead
  • The Raptors finding diamonds in the rough
  • Staying ready
  • Sharing the rock
  • What it’s like to shoot an airball
  • How quickly film is cut and shared
  • What scouts really look for

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