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Duane and Kelsea recap the 905’s series against the top-seeded Maine Celtics, and how some aspects of the game are simply out of your control as a player. They discuss the sportsmanship rules that go along with scoring 51 points in a quarter, and what it’s like to play in a different climate than you are used to. Duane reminisces on having to guard Tacko Fall and provides insight on how to succeed in the upcoming series against College Park.

  • The 7 and a half hour basketball game
  • Why it was actually a 15 hour day
  • The difficulty of playing in an empty Canadian arena in December with the air-conditioning blasting
  • Playing in the South Carolina heat as a Canadian
  • Players not being in the right situations on a roster
  • Andrew Rowsey’s accolades
  • Playing without your head coach
  • A warped court and a leaking roof allowing the 905 a free night in New York
  • Guarding Tacko Fall
  • How to stop Cat Barber
  • The mentality needed in a game against a losing team

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