Smells Like Team Spirit – Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast – S9E243

The Raptors are looking to make NBA history and somehow it doesn't feel impossible.

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If you remove one Embiid OT revenge shot, it’s the Raptors up 3-2. Game six coming up tomorrow. What’s it gonna take to get to game seven?

RAPTORS: Can the Raptors really do this thing? What’s the path to a game seven victory? We’re seeing this 6’9″ Bobby/Masai vision play out, especially with Fred sidelined. Where would you rank this style of team?

NBA: We have seen some creative protests of owner Glen Taylor’s animal rights abuses linked to bird flu in Iowa  in the Minnesota VS Memphis series. If it was your job to make a protest statement at an NBA game, what would you do? How do you feel about the Ben Simmons discourse?

With Cathryn Naiker and Katie Heindl!

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