Who to Add to the Core – Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast – S9E245

The Raptors have never been good at enticing free agents, but maybe they can find someone who can fit just right.

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With some potential Rudy Gobert interest leaking from the front office, it’s time to start talking about potential free agent acquisitions.

RAPTORS: It’s early and will be a revisited summer topic, but what UFA would be the perfect addition to this roster? The Philadelphia 76ers have a song for when they win home games. It’s kind of…great? What song should the Raptors play when they win home games?

NBA: Four international MVP’s in a row! What year will it be when there is another American MVP and who will it be? What’s the best second round series so far?

With Georgea Brooks and Ian Gordon!

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