Raptors 905 Training Camp Underway

Day 2 of Raptors 905 training camp is underway. An exciting season ahead!

It’s Day 2 of Raptors 905 training camp! Newly-appointed head coach Eric Khoury will be busy selecting from a 17-man training camp roster. 

Two-way players — Jeff Dowtin and Ron Harper Jr. — have yet to log in minutes in the Raptors regular season, but gave fans a preview in the preseason. 

Four affiliate players will be last season’s two-way player David Johnson, Raptors training camp player Gabe Brown, Ryan Hawkins and Saben Lee. Brown gave 905 fans a preview in the Raptors’ preseason, Hawkins  is a 6’7’’ forward who played his fifth year at Creighton and Lee has 85 games of NBA experience under Dwane Casey’s Detroit Pistons. Affiliate players were all waived from the Raptors, but are kept on the 905. 

Reggie Perry will be returning, who averaged 20 points and 11 boards for the 905 last season — he also received call-ups from the Portland Trail Blazers and Indiana Pacers. Obadiah Noel, who joined the 905 as an open tryout player, will be back as well.

Three other players — Christian Vital, Melvin Frazier Jr. and Kenny Wooten Jr. — were acquired via trade. Vital was a 2022 CEBL Finals MVP and 2022 G League champion, Frazier has played 32 NBA games and Wooten has played 45 G League games. 

Two players were acquired through this year’s G League Draft: Devon Daniels (20th overall) and Hasahn French (33rd overall). From the available player pool, Both Each was selected.

Two Canadians — Stefan Smith and Jean-Victor Mukama — and Namdi Okonkwo join the 905 through the open tryout stream. 

The 905 can have up to 10 players on standard G League contracts with additional slots for two-way players and assignment players from the Raptors. If we assume that the five returning players and four affiliate players above are “locks,” then the six remaining players will likely be competing for one spot.

Open Practice will be held in Scarborough at Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre on Wednesday, November 2nd at 7:30 p.m. More details can be found here.

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