A Season We’d Love to Forget – Confederacy of Dunks

On our season finale, we're talking about potential playoff upsets, players who should ref, Raptors who should and shouldn't be on the move, and slogans for this terrible Raptors season.

Season 10, Episode 285

Welcome to the season 10 finale of Confederacy of Dunks! We are switching to a biweekly schedule until next season starts. Thanks so much for listening and we’ll see you in a couple weeks.

Now, onto the episode:

Joining us from the Steve Dangle Podcast Network, it’s Raptors Republic alum, Esfandiar Baraheni! You know him as a writer and one of the hosts of “The Rap Up” on Raptors Republic, it’s Oren Weisfeld!

(00:00) – Intro time! A Season 10 salute.

(05:30) – NBA: Which team is gonna upset in the first round?

(26:53) – NBA: Only three former players have moved on to ref in the NBA. Which current player would be a great ref when they retire from playing?

(34:33) – Raptors: Which player (other than Scottie) do you have zero interest in moving this off-season? Which players on the team (who aren’t FA’s) should be moved?

(63:33) – Raptors: What is a headline or slogan that can me used in the future to reference this terrible season?

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