Day 8/59: Countdown to Change

Offseason dreamin' part whatever.

Very little news so far on the Raptor front. That’s no shocker.

Steph Curry, lord of the playoffs. My god. His scoop layup has become such a ridiculous weapon, and when he’s off ball and hitting everything off the catch, he can get in the lane completely at will. If you sell out to defend the short midrange attempts, his eurostep is such a weapon to get real layups. Sacramento had defended fairly well for much of the series, but man did he ever break loose.

Do you think a rotation Raptor, any Raptor, hits over 40 percent of his threes next season? O.G. Anunoby was closest last year at 38.7 percent. Norman Powell was the last to actually do it. Danny Green and Marc Gasol did it at points. Most teams have efficient shooters! The Raptors haven’t had a lot for a while. If anyone, who is the most likely?

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