2023 NBA Draft Prospect – Keyonte George – G, Baylor

Shot maker, ankle taker, sky raker, future Laker? Get that garbage out of here. Keyonte's future is north of the border.

Credit: Tankathon.com

Welcome to part 3 of this year's draft coverage! Check out the pieces on Cason Wallace and Kobe Bufkin if you haven't seen them yet. Those two players, along with Baylor's Keyonte George, tend to make up this year's "big three", as I like to call it. If you asked the average Raptors fan who has been paying somewhat close attention to the draft who their preferred group of players would be at the 13th pick, one of those names usually pops up, if not all three.

I've been following Keyonte George since he was in high school, and I have his outstanding play from when he cooked the Canadian U23 team at GLOBL Jam burned into my memory.

A flawed prospect, but nonetheless an insanely fun player to watch. The Big 12 Rookie of the Year impressed with his offensive play for Baylor, though his efficiency may cause some initial concern to those perusing his stats. There's more to Keyonte's game than meets the eye, however. Let's dive in.