2023 NBA Draft Prospects – Dariq Whitehead & Brice Sensabaugh

18 mins read

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I would expect both Brice Sensabaugh and Dariq Whitehead to be realistically available at the 13th pick on draft night. Both provide tantalizing upside as offensive options, but each prospect has some flaws which have held their draft stock outside of top-10 territory.

Brice Sensabaugh's elite scoring feel from all three levels has rocketed his initial stock; from a projected multi-year college player who might go in the first round in a couple years - into a one-and-done who is being discussed as a real lottery prospect.

Dariq Whitehead's stock suffered the opposite fate. Even though he was regarded as a potential top 5 pick at the start of the year due to his shooting, defence, and athleticism, a combination of injuries and underwhelming play at Duke have sent him barreling into the uncertain purgatory that is the mid-first round.

I wouldn't be upset at selecting either player at 13th overall, however, and I'll explain why.