Rest Rules and a Changing Leadership – Confederacy of Dunks

On this week's episode: The new NBA rest rules, taking the Larry O'Brien to your hometown, the new Raptors leadership dynamic and how Masai will approach his big UFA's after the VanVleet debacle.

Off-season Funhouse: Episode 296

Joining us from the Forgetful Curator Podcast on Raptors Republic, not to mention one of our writers, it’s Nigel Nicholas! You know him from Locked On Raptors, it’s Sean Woodley!

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(00:00) – Intro in a thermal shirt

(04:37) – Rest rules. Is resting a real issue, or is the NBA creating a problem that’s putting them on the wrong side of history?

(20:14) – Apparently Jamal Murray can’t take the Larry O’Brien trophy to Kitchener, his hometown. It got us thinking… what would we do if we got to take the Larry O’B to our own hometowns?

(30:50) – With Fred all but long gone, what is the leadership dynamic gonna be like this season for the Raptors?

(42:48) – It seems like the OG/Pascal trade rumours are going to be persistent this season. How much should the front office factor in losing Fred for nothing to signing or not signing their big UFA’s coming up?

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