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How has Immanuel Quickley been as a point guard?

Immanuel Quickley changed positions when he came to Toronto. How's it working?

When the Toronto Raptors and the New York Knicks looked at Immanuel Quickley, they saw very different things. The Knicks saw a sparkplug shooting guard, a jitterbug cutter and flamethrowing shooter who could enter the game off the bench and score in flurries. Passing was hardly part of the picture; he averaged 2.5 assists per game with New York this season. The Raptors saw the same player and envisioned a point guard.

Beauty and basketball are both in the eye of the beholder.

And since joining Toronto, Quickley has been averaging 6.4 assists per game, including hitting double digits in three of his last five games. He has as many games with double-digit assists in 15 games in Toronto as he had in his entire career in New York -- 253 games.

What has led to such an increase? Which team was correct in its evaluation of Quickley? And what else has changed in his game?