Open Thread: Conference Finals

Come hang out.

Boston, despite winning over and over, just doesn’t seem to frighten fans like dominant teams often do. Are they going to just stumble their way to a championship? Is Luka Doncic going to snatch it from them? What’s the deal? Siakam has played so, so well. I’m happy for him.

The draft, by the way, is juuuust over a month away. Toronto might use all its picks, but Masai Ujiri seemed doubtful when he spoke at the trade deadline. (Although, that was before Toronto’s own pick conveyed, so we’ll see if that changed things.)

Outside of the NBA, so much is going on. Jamal Murray said he’d play for Team Canada. The WNBA is coming to Toronto officially, probably in 2026. The CEBL season has started.

How are you all feeling?