2024 NBA Draft: Tristan da Silva

Maybe not the most hyped prospect for Colorado, but without a doubt the most impactful.

The German-Brazilian forward who also happens to be a Swiss army knife, da Silva will scratch the itch of those Raptors fans wanting to draft a do-it-all player while also filling out a position of need off the bench. Is his game all it's cracked up to be? Is this as good as he's going to get? We'll see.

For those just joining this year's draft series, be sure to check out the previous entries starting with Isaiah Collier here.

Tristan da Silva | 6'9.5 Forward/Wing | Colorado | 23 years old

Statistics provided by tankathon.com

The Intro

Those who have been following the draft series until now are likely noticing a pattern with the amount of multi-skilled prospects I've chosen to highlight in the Raptors' draft range. While it's mostly been guards and bigs, da Silva makes an appearance as the first forward on the list.

He provides a little bit of everything and plays with a hell of a lot of effort. The past two years have seen da Silva take a more involved role for the Buffaloes. Averaging a very similar statline across those two seasons, he's shown to have a knack for remarkable consistency.

If you're focused on making sure the pick at 19 isn't going to bust in this weaker draft class, da Silva is probably your guy.