Gameday: Raptors vs Sixers – Jan. 8/10

It took 28 games, and an injury that sidelined Calderon for a couple weeks, but the Raptors have finally come together. 7-1 in their last 8 games and we have ourselves a team that has a chance to climb above .500 for the first time since Nov. 13, a span of 27 games that took ... Read more

Live Blogging the 2009 NBA Draft Lottery

As it stands now, the Top 3 looks like: Sacramento Washington LA Clippers I’m predicting Sacramento gets screwed, and the Knicks win the Lottery – taking take home Blake Griffin, stay tuned… BC representing, let’s hope he brings some luck (last time we got the #1 pick) Joel Litvin shouldn’t be allowed in front of ... Read more

Another Wacky Win in Washington

We couldn’t D Jamison so Jamison D’d himself. Raptors 97, Wizards 96 From the middle of the third quarter to the final 30 seconds of the game I kept expecting something wacky to happen and sure enough, the Raptors and Wizards gave us some high drama for the third consecutive year in Washington. Although Chris ... Read more

Just four more to go, hang tight

I guess the schedule maker thought we’d be in some sort of a tight race with the Wizards for playoff positioning and scheduled consecutive home and away games late in the season. He wasn’t the only one who predicted the record wrong at the outset. Let’s look back at the early season poll which asked ... Read more

Andrea, please stop confusing us

Would the real Andrea Bargnani please stand up? Raptors 99, Wizards 93 For some reason hearing the guy yell Canada Sucks in this video always gets me pumped up for the Wizards. You might even call it pride, and pride is what the Wizards aren’t showing these days. Ed Tapscott tried to motivate his players ... Read more

The pain of watching the Raptors offense

Washington Wizards 110, Toronto Raptors 106 That hurt. That one really, really hurt. It hurts me to see us suffer through offensive sets relying on Jose Calderon to do something to bail us out on every possession. Calderon’s exhausted trying to makeup for the pathetic excuse of an offense run by Sam Mitchell which doesn’t ... Read more

Why did Washington bother making the trip?

Washington Wizards 83, Toronto Raptors 122 Before the game I was thinking that the only way I would’ve even been remotely pleased by the outcome of this game would’ve been if we managed to crushed them by 30. But even after beating them by 39 I still couldn’t shake of Tuesday night’s loss in Washington. ... Read more

Got that sick feeling in your stomach? Me too

Toronto Raptors 104, Washington Wizards 108 You would think after earning an undeserved lifeline courtesy of Anthony Parker the Raptors would play five minutes of good basketball tonight. It didn’t happen and we crumbled to a miserable defeat at the hands of the Wizards who played without Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas. Before we start ... Read more