Jamario Moon gets to launch 20 footers for another year

There’s a sense of emptiness in the time between when the Raptors get eliminated from the playoffs and the last game of the post-season, you sort of want the whole thing to be over and free agency to begin so that the Raptors return to whatever significance they deserve.

The Raptors did pick up the option on Jamario Moon which was a no-brainer in the sense that he’s somebody you want to bring back on the team, the only request from this observer is that lets not have him start 75 games. It ruins the fun of watching what he does well when he’s asked to produce beyond his meager means. The other way to look at it is this: Moon’s trade value is higher than it deserves to be right now and you could package him along with TJ Ford for something valuable. A potentially great point guard plus a defensive swingman? I see the Knicks biting, Jamal Crawford please. Anyway, enjoy the money Jamario.

Danny Ainge was named the EOY after Boston’s good season which has a very good chance of coming to an end after this series. The Cavs lost Game 5 but there’s all indication that they’ll take Game 6 and with Lebron at the helm, Game 7 is up in the air. I sense a Detroit Game 5 type performance coming from him.

As the Mike D’Antoni regime in NY begins, Isaiah Thomas is back to doing something he’s good at: scouting. He’s on a mission to Europe to check out Danilo Gallinari and Nicolas Batum. I’m guessing Bryan Colangelo and fat little Maurizio Gherardini have already been down this road and are looking to trade up to grab one of these two. Wouldn’t it be a shocker if they trade TJ Ford to the Knicks for a lottery pick and draft a Euro? Haha, I think I’d kill myself. Really.

Talk about different expectations from coaches, Flip Saunders might just get fired if Detroit doesn’t win the title this year while Sam Mitchell’s getting a free pass after a 41-41 season and a quick playoff exit. Yes, I know the teams have different talent levels but ask yourself this: Did Mitchell come even close to doing a good job this year? Are we just hoping that he figures out how to make proper substitutions, not ignore players for weeks, exploit matchups, come up with an offense? If we’re not making a coaching change this year, we need to at least add an assistant coach that can contribute in these areas.

I’m starting a Euro 2008 pool, feel free to join. I have no idea how you’ll get me the entry fee.

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