Top Ten Colangelo excuses for the season


Faxed in moments ago from the RR home office in Athabasca, Alberta. The category is Top Ten Colangelo excuses for the season.

  1. The economy.
  2. I gave the extension to one Jose Calderon, not this guy wearing his jersey. Who is he?
  3. When I said this is the “best” team I’ve ever assembled, I actually meant this is the “worst” team I’ve ever assembled. I see how you got confused.
  4. That punk Kapono conned me.
  5. I left my scouting ability at the border.
  6. Realized too late that Wayne Embry wasn’t the doorman but, you know, a basketball guy.
  7. They lied to me about Hassan Adams.
  8. Hey, how was I supposed to know Jermaine wouldn’t stay healthy?
  9. This team needs 80 games to “gel”. Wait for it, its gonna be good.

…and the #1 Colangelo excuse for this season…drum roll….

  1. Daddy doesn’t return my phone calls.

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