Faxed in moments ago from the RR home office in Athabasca, Alberta. The category is Top Ten Colangelo excuses for the season.

  1. The economy.
  2. I gave the extension to one Jose Calderon, not this guy wearing his jersey. Who is he?
  3. When I said this is the “best” team I’ve ever assembled, I actually meant this is the “worst” team I’ve ever assembled. I see how you got confused.
  4. That punk Kapono conned me.
  5. I left my scouting ability at the border.
  6. Realized too late that Wayne Embry wasn’t the doorman but, you know, a basketball guy.
  7. They lied to me about Hassan Adams.
  8. Hey, how was I supposed to know Jermaine wouldn’t stay healthy?
  9. This team needs 80 games to “gel”. Wait for it, its gonna be good.

…and the #1 Colangelo excuse for this season…drum roll….

  1. Daddy doesn’t return my phone calls.

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