Roll Call

Roll Call – Mar 20 vs Bobcats

The “so THAT is why my girl is against doing….” edition.

Banks – good: his salary. bad: we pay it.

Bargnani – good: he was a former #1 pick. bad: he was ours.

Bosh – good: his second quarter tonight. bad: the other 3.

Calderon – good: he wanted to stay in Toronto and become a starter. bad: we let him.

Graham – good: he has a twin. bad: that means there are two of them.

Humphries –  good: his leg is broken and he probably won’t be back this season. bad: it’s like he never left.

Kapono – good: he can shoot the ball well. bad: tonight he shot once (or was it twice?)

Marion – good: he used to be a good defender. bad: it was well before he got here.

Mensah-Bonsu – good: he showed some gusto in his first few games. bad: he is now just like his teammates.

O’Bryant – good: he’s irish. bad: he’s irish.

Parker – good: his sister has a C-cup. bad: they can probably dribble better than him.

Ukic – good: he’s a pig farmer. bad: he unfortunately thinks he can moonlight as a professional point guard. With us.

Voskuhl – good: he counts Bryan Colangelo as one of his close friends. bad: Bryan Colangelo does the hiring for our franchise

Driving The Bus:   Chris Bosh & My Charlotte Bobcats….. oooohhh yeaahhhh

Under The Bus:    everybody else.

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