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He didn’t get the trophy for yesterdays coup d’etat, but he
deserves it in my book.

Let it not be said that BryCo doesn’t do work. In what is the craziest trade this franchise ever made, B.C. Colangelo turned Marion, Humphries and Uni-brow (Douby) into Hedo (don’t call me Hedu) Turkoglu, Devean George, Antoine Wright while being able to keep our mid-level exception (actually they have just under $8mil to sign whoever they want – Twitter source – I’m not going to verify, but take at face value -> at the very least we have the mid-level).

To Toronto:
Hedo Turkoglu (Orlando)
Devean George (Dallas)
Antoine Wright (Dallas)
Mid-Level Exception: $5.6mill+ (Jah)

To Dallas:
Shawn Marion (Toronto)
Kris Humphries (Toronto)
Greg Buckner (Memphis)

To Orlando:
Trade Exception: $10mill (Jah)

To Memphis:
Jerry Stackhouse (Dallas)
Quincy Douby (Toronto)
Cash (Cuban’s left pocket)

Oh, and we didn’t have to rescind our offers to Carlos and Pops. Now, if we can do something about Banks, we might actually have a team that can win some games on our hands. That all sound about right?

Clearly last nights heroic interpretation of the CBA and shrewd deal-making has the left the Raptors much better off then if they just went out and signed Turkoglu (thank God for the week between July 1st and the cap being announced, or I shudder to think…). If Carlos and Pops accept their qualifying offers (whatever they are), the Raptors will look something like this:

PG – Calderon / Ukic / Banks
SG – Delfino / DeRozan / Wright
SF – Turkoglu / George / Wright
PF – Bosh / Evans / Pops
C – Bargnani / O’Bryant / Jawai

AND you have to include the mid-level in there somewhere, ALSO, we could be in line for our bi-annual exception, about $2mil (LLE) … depending on league approval on the details of the furry of movements taken place. (There you go, mid-level + bi-annual exceptions = under $8mill, there, above Twitter source is verified, thanks Gagan) I would look at bringing into a REAL backup point guard [Royal Ivey], a wing [Linas Kleiza] and possibly a center [Rasho Nesterovic]. We would have to definitely get rid of Banks and maybe one of Jawai/O’Bryant to accommodate these three, but just imagine:

PG – Calderon / Ivey / Ukic
SG – Delfino / DeRozan / Wright
SF – Turkoglu / Kleiza / George
PF – Bosh / Evans / Pops
C – Bargnani / Nesterovic / Jawai

That is a pretty solid team that would be in the 45-49 (I just have a hard time saying 50 wins because our coaching is…lacking…) fighting for 5th/6th in the East, and who I would be proud to blog/tweet for :). Even Chris approves.

On another quick note, the Magic get a $10mill trade exception??!?!?!!!????? That is ridiculous…they can pretty much acquire whoever they want, under $10mil of course, during the season…the list is almost endless…but, imagine they go after Josh Smith (who Atlanta is reportedly shopping), and field a starting lineup of: Nelson, Carter, Lewis, Smith and Howard…LOL

Let it not be said that I can’t eat crow with the best of them…I forgot to include crucial info in my Tuesday’s post, some of you ripped me a new one (thanks for keeping me on my toes), and some of you stood by me (thanks for being good peoples).

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