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Rasho’s Back



The Rasho Nesterovic deal was done today. 1 year, just under $2million, giving the Raptors a one year rental and providing the opportunity to still have financial flexibility next summer. My understanding is they have used the bi-annual exception on the big galoot. Looking forward to seeing the lumbering mass “running” the court this season.    …Continue Reading

Yet another Delfino interview



Last Night, Carlos Delfino took part of an Argentinian midnight sports show called “Gol de Medianoche”. Alvaro Perez from the Mediocre Forever Blog did a great job translating the interview and focusing in the subjects related with the Toronto Raptors. After the show a journalist for Basquet Plus did a quick interview about his contract   …Continue Reading

Morning Coffee July 24


Old versus new guard play


Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

I still haven’t figured out whether the 2007 division title was won because we had a good team or whether the rest of division was just out taking a piss. I still like to give credit to the team before taking into account Boston, New York and Philadelphia’s pathetic seasons. The defining aspect of that   …Continue Reading

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