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Morning Coffee Sept 14

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The prime motive of this summer has been to show the team’s commitment to Chris Bosh. Management has spent considerable cash signing free agents to assemble a winning team. The core players, Jose Calderon, Andre Bargnani and Turkoglu have committed to the team for many years to come. However, Chris Bosh has some heavy decisions to make. If he decides to walk away, the franchise will be a setback and rebuilding again will be the only option. The bottom line is this: if they win, he will re-sign. Will the cornerstone of the franchise stay in the T-dot or simply walk away? Only time will tell.

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On Sunday September 13, MLSE invited their season ticket holders to an outdoor Block Party and BBQ at Polson’s Pier on the Toronto waterfront. As with all MLSE events, this was not something the season seat holders would want to miss.

The day began at the brand new Gate 5 in front of the ACC where fans were invited to board the luxury chartered buses that would take them to the event.  Once on board, the hosts handed out t-shirts celebrating 15 years of Raptors basketball to lucky riders.

Polson’s Pier is only a short drive from the ACC and once there, MLSE handed out coupons for free food and beverages and wrist bands for free access to all of the Pier’s numerous activities.


Jerome Williams has been a Raptor fan-favorite for quite some time.  From his tireless work as a key member of the 2001 playoff team that took an Allen Iverson-led 76ers to seven games in the Eastern Conference Semi-Final, to his equally tireless work off the court for children, Williams has been a class act in his adopted home.  After his retirement from the NBA in 2005, the Junk Yard Dog has begun a new life centered on charity work and a love of helping others.   Raptors HQ’s Ray Bala recently caught up with JYD to find out exactly what he has been up to since he retired and what he thought about his time in Toronto.

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